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Eco-Artist Basia Irland Visits UD, Works with Rivers Institute

Eco-artist Basia Irland visited Dayton in mid-August in preparation for her September week-long residency at the University of Dayton. Best known for her “ice books,” Basia offers a creative understanding of water while examining how communities of people, plants and animals rely on this vital element.

We held a demonstration for campus partners who wish to make their own “ice pages” and participate in our “ice book” launch on September 14th at Stewart Street Bridge.

Basia Irland Meets with River Stewards at Taylorsville Dam Metropark

Basia and Brother Don Geiger Discuss Native Seeds for the Ice Books

River Stewards work on Sound Poems guided by Eco-Artist Basia Irland … and then perform for all gathered.

Listen to a recording of the River Stewards’ sound experiment:

River Stewards Gather with Basia Irland at Island Metro Park
(Basia at bottom left, proudly displaying her River Stewards shirt!)

Listen to an excerpt of Susan Byrnes’ interview with Basia:

Examples of Basia’s work are currently on display in ArtStreet Studio D Gallery. Her September residency activities will include class visits, a public reception, lecture and “ice book” launch. Learn more about her September residency »

RESIDENCY PARTNERS: University of Dayton’s ArtStreet, Arts Series, College of Arts and Sciences, Departments of English and Visual Arts, Marianist Environmental Education Center, Rivers Institute, SEE (Sustainability, Energy and Environment) Initiative, and the Women’s Center and Antioch College.

Photos by Dennie Eagleson. 

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